…the journey is part of the visit

Hi, hope your all Ok,

I just quickly had to share this snap of the Hadrian’s Wall bus (AD122) back at its base getting its regular check over and wash and brush up before another busy day on the Military Road.IMG_0920

I always think about some survey figures I saw in a report a few years ago that said the bus was used pretty much 50% locals and 50% visitors and of those visitors roughly 50/50 domestic/overseas.

I know I’ve had some great conversations and meet some fascinating people while travelling on the bus which I don’t get when I use the car, there no sense of community in the car just my terrible music taste and I cant look at the amazing landscape !

On the bus its definitely a case of the journey is part of the visit. For all the details and timetables check out www.visithadrianswall .co.uk/explore


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