Hadrian’s Wall, well worth talking about.

Hi and welcome to this Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage blog space,

From the bustle of Newcastle and South Shields in the east, to big skies of the Solway and west Cumbrian Coast, there’s a myriad of special places to experience on Hadrian’s Wall. So much variety all wrapped up in one special place.

You will also find exceptional people caring for and revealing this 150 mile Roman monument. Yes, 150 miles of World Heritage! 73 miles of wall, but the rest? well there’s really no need for a wall if you have a sea as defence however you can discover forts and everything else you’d find on the more well-known sections right down the coast.

In this blog I’m hoping to share stories, both big and small with a fair helping of random snippets from around this and other World Heritage Sites. I’d like to introduce some of the many energetic and passionate people I’ve had the pleasure to meet while I’ve been working on Hadrian’s Wall along the way.

Being a World Heritage Site is something we are all rightfully proud of, as it puts us in a special collection of places which are deemed important for the whole of humanity. World Heritage is a celebration of our shared culture linking people from across countries rather than finding reasons for populations to stand apart. The organisation that decides on World Heritage is UNESCO which traces its origins directly to the United Nations and its mission after the turmoil of the first half of the 20th Century to try to do things differently by talking first and halting possible conflict.

So, I think there a lot to go at and explore, I’m hoping some aspects will be interesting and sometimes even useful. please let me know if there’s anything you want to highlight and I’ll try and cover it. So until next time, hope your well and wish you the best, I’d better start writing

Thanks everyone



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